What is an HTML website?

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What we mean by an HTML website is a website that we build using HTML5 (hyper text markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets) and JQuery. This is edited using a text editor and then uploaded to a server via ftp (file transfer protocol) using Filezilla.

We make sure we build every HTML website with exactly the same URL structure as a WordPress website to minimise any redirects later down the line. What this does is reduce the hit on search engine rankings if at some point you do want to make the jump to a WordPress or e-commerce website.

Pro’s & Con’s with HTML websites


  • Lightning fast
  • Fewer resources to load
  • Far less likely to get hacked than a CMS


  • You can’t log in and make changes unless proficient in HTML
  • More resources including a database to load
  • More likely to be hacked as there are login URL’s for user access

Security for HTML websites

This depends on which website host you choose but security these days from most of the big players is very good. Make sure you choose a reliable and reputable hosting provider to host your website. Security for HTML websites rely on the server but will consist of mod_security and lot’s of other protocols, just try to check if your host is using the latest versions of their operating systems, their cPanels and their servers are on the latest firmware.

Always use extremely secure usernames and passwords for your FTP credentials.



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